Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Your recent story titled “Division Preferred for Rapid Transit” was excellently reported. Midge Pierce is to be complimented on her coverage of the Richmond land use meeting.

The citizens opposed to the proposal had some very salient points and Ms. Pierce captured the essence and spirit of the meeting with perfection.

Of course, all of those opposed were offered dubious responses from the salaried and incompetent bureaucrats.

It was almost as if the City and Metro employees had no comprehension of the actual impacts that this proposal would generate. Division Street has a 25 mph speed limit with at least two school zones that bring the limit down to 20 mph.

Gridlock that occurs at the main intersections at 11th, 12th, 20th, 26th, 39th, 50th and 52nd are already untenable. That combined with the curb extensions and bioswales introduced within the last few years add up to a street that is already choked with traffic.

How does the government think that adding long, articulated buses to that mix is going to work?

Tilikum Crossing, the new transit bridge, built for trains and busses, leads to SE Tilikum Way, which could take an articulated bus, by means of a gentle right turn, to Powell Blvd, only two blocks south. The last time I checked, Powell Blvd. is Hwy 26, which goes directly to Gresham and is four lanes wide.

Leave the Division #4 bus as it is and whisk passengers to Gresham on the highway.

Stephen Sasser

SE Portland

Letters to the Editor

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