North Tabor


By Gabe Frayne

The September NTNA meeting was dominated by a lively discussion of homelessness both citywide and in the neighborhood.

One resident typified the ambivalent sentiment in the room when she expressed little tolerance for a couple living in an RV on her block who were using the street for their bathroom, yet recognized that it is becoming increasingly difficult for low income folks in Portland to keep a roof over their heads.

Other residents shared anecdotes about rising rents causing displacement, or the discovery by police of a meth lab in a parked van several months ago, or frustrations getting police to respond to non-emergency calls.

Board member Terry Dublinski noted that police are not currently investigating “quality of life” calls due to the bureau’s manpower shortage, but open drug dealing will be dealt with promptly.

While no one suggested that North Tabor alone could solve the city-wide homelessness emergency, the board has signed on to support the Welcome home Coalition, an affordable housing advocacy group.

The Mandala re-paint block party at Everett and 53rd has been postponed indefinitely as a result of impending sewer repair work that will take place at the intersection, to be followed shortly by the winter rains.

Cyclists have raised concerns that the painted surface is slick and hazardous, but the board noted that mixing ground walnut shells with the paint usually takes care of the problem.

NTNA board elections take place at the monthly meeting at 56th and Glisan on Oct. 18. There are several seats available on the board for any interested residents.

North Tabor

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