Valentine’s Day gifts often consist of sweets or landfill-bound kitsch, but, handcrafted art can serve as a talisman or symbol of a much needed message of hope, acceptance, patience,  strength, friendship, and inspiration.

Johanna Wright’s Girl With Dots

Da Vinci Arts Middle School, 2508 NE Everett St. (11th & 12th 10-4pm) explores the meaning of love and art and sharing art with others with the 12th annual da Vinci Arts Fair. The arts and crafts, local artists and da Vinci students are the perfect place to spend a day with handmade and thoughtful tokens for those you love and appreciate.

It’s a free family-friendly weekend to celebrate love and art while supporting local artists and the DaVinci school. There’s even a Selfie Station where you can snap a digital Valentine to email loved ones. The kids’ crafts table, features handmade Valentines too.

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