DCBA March 2017

DCBA Pres.: Sydney Mead

email sydney@habitatellc.com

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday

OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond 

7:30 am 

3930 SE Division


The Shanghai Company building at 2800 SE Division St. is for lease. The Louie’s have closed their sprout business. The Department of Human Services building at 2446 SE Ladd St. is undergoing a face lift. Studio 1235 has space for more small businesses. All three nearby parking lots for the Ford building at 11th have become pay for parking. On street parking is still available within a couple of blocks on either side of Division St..

Mirador Kitchen and Home is closing the end of March. The building owner plans to sell. The building at SE 28th and Division St. that houses Loon is for sale and Loon is looking to sell its lease.

The DCBA will elect its board at the annual meeting and new officers in March. President Sydney Mead is leaving because her business, Habitate Property Management Association, has grown with the success of the short term rental business. Marketing and Member Services Coordinator Katie Meyer is leaving because her businesses are also requiring more of her time. We wish them continued success even as we lament the loss of a very successful team.

Portland’s Eastside has always been known as an extremely activist community. In the 1870s, when water was privately owned and residents drank from the Willamette River, the Eastside started a “Push” club, aimed at fixing their water quality. Push clubs are the basis of our current neighborhoods as well as the reason we have public parks.

The result of this “Push” was the water board and the Bull Run water system. Mt. Tabor and Washington Park area became reservoirs and eventually public parks.

The last time the community roused itself and “pushed” was the Mt Hood Freeway. A community quickly formed and the result was no freeway through the middle of the Eastside. The funds were eventually used for the West Side Max.

East side activism hasn’t changed much. HAND and Richmond are closely following new projects and applying the new Division Design Initiative suggestions as developers work on their plans. Contact your neighborhood association to become informed and/or involved.

DCBA March 2017

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