The Zymoglyphic Museum is a new addition to SE Portland’s cultural landscape. It bills itself as “the world’s only institution devoted to the study and display of art, artifacts, and natural history of the Zymoglyphic region.”

That region, however, exists only in the brain of its curator, Jim Stewart.

Museum exhibits include a display of artifacts from the Rust Age, dioramas of many sizes, a curiosity cabinet from the Age of Wonder, a collection of snails that are themselves collectors, and a cybernetic aquarium from the Modern Age.

Founded in the year 2000,  the museum began as an 8’ x 12’ shed in Stewart’s driveway in a San Francisco suburb. With his retirement and relocation to Portland in 2014, the museum had a temporary location with the Bathtub Art Museum in the Central Eastside, then moved to its new site on the north side of Mt. Tabor.  It has been open since last December.

Located at 6225 SE Alder St., it is open to the public on Sunday May 7 and Sunday May 21, 11 am to 4 pm.  Visit for other open hours and information, including what zymoglyphic means!