World premiere of Bardoville

ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX presents the world premiere of Bardoville – an intermedia performance ritual. It’s a place between places, with the old world collapsing behind us, the new world nowhere in sight, a drunken poet banging out a torrent of poems unleashing spirits, and demons, angels of the era. Intriguing?

It’s physical theatre, performance poetry, vocal improvisations swirling in a heady cocktail chaser of chaos, delight, ruin, and rebirth featuring designer and director Antero Alli, Memorie Eden, Wendy Allegaert, Hank Peterson, Wes Martusewicz, Maple Holmes, Cibyl Kavan with Randal S. Slager as the Poet and tech by Zach Martin. Vocal creations by Sylvi Alli and E.V.E (the Experimental Vocal Ensemble)with text by Charles Bukowski.

Alli, a professional astrologer, has authored many wild mind books on experimental theatre, astrology, and Timothy Leary’s 8-circuit model of consciousness.

Of the production he says: “The idea for Bardoville came about while pondering the current sociopolitical landscape and watching the world as I knew it collapsing behind me with the new world not yet in sight. This harrowing awareness reminds me of the Tibetan Buddhist term bardo which refers to the 49-day intermediary stage between human incarnations. As a culture, I think we are currently passing through a major bardo, an epic state between states, where the future remains unknown, yet also open to the potentials of creation.

World premiere of Bardoville

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