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By Sandra Hay Magdaleno

The first key discussion was the response from TriMet to STNA’s proposal of electric buses for the Division Rapid Transit Line. Our hope is that TriMet will see the value of getting ahead of the curve in meeting the cities 2035 goal of a 100% renewable energy vehicle fleet. John Carr, our SE Uplift Land Use Delegate and our STNA Land  Use  Chair, commented that other SE Neighborhood Associations have come on-board with the idea. This  is still a work in progress and we would appreciate any input you might have. Email

A great fun, entertaining cultural event is the Jade International Night Market, a must to attend, held Saturday, August 19 and Saturday, August 26, from 5-10 pm both Saturdays.

Don’t forget our eighth annual Harvest Festival Sunday, September 10 from noon to 4 pm.  We are currently seeking family-friendly musical acts, as well as raffle prize donations. All SE Uplift Neighborhood Association neighbors are welcome.

STNA will submit its public comment to the Bureau of Development Services soon regarding the proposal to build a three-story, 900-unit self-service storage facility at the current 7 Dees site at SE 62nd Ave. and SE Powell Blvd. (LU 17-144195 DZ). We will be emphasizing our top priorities – limiting traffic impacts on SE 62nd Avenue, adding community/flexible space and more active ground floor uses on SE Powell Blvd., and having a quality design that is compatible with the neighborhood context.

While comments from the neighborhood association is important, the City and STNA strongly encourage individual neighbors — in South Tabor, Foster-Powell, and beyond if you feel so moved — to send in your own letters as well. The City wants and expects to hear from us, especially on a project this significant.

A list of notes and ideas to consider has been compiled and are available by emailing me here at

Some Tips:

1. REVIEW the proposal, development standards, and the notes below.

The link to the design notice and proposal (

If you have a neighbor who’s already familiar with it, ask them about it.

Here’s  links to the relevant approval criteria and other parts of the zoning code that may apply. The more you can round your opinion in these approval criteria and development standards, the more impactful your letter will be. (33.284 Self-Service Storage). (33.130 Commercial Zones)

2. WRITE an email or letter to the case planner, due by August 4 at 5 pm

Your email/letter can be either in support of or in opposition to any aspects of the proposed development. Suggestions for improvement are also important to share.

Include the Case File Number LU 17-144195 DZ in your letter.

Email, mail, or deliver your comments to Cassandra Ballew at: by 5 pm on August 4, 2017.  Request a confirmation of receipt if emailing.  The more feedback she receives, the stronger the neighborhood voice.

Remember, your letter will become part of the public record, so include only the identifying and contact information you are comfortable making public.

3. LET YOUR NEIGHBORS KNOW you wrote and encourage them to send something too.

Next, STNA is also having emergency preparation discussions.  Look ahead to more information in the future.

Don’t forget, the next Land Use meeting is Tuesday, August 15, and the next STNA Meeting is Thursday, August 17, both at 7 pm at Trinity Fellowship, 2700 SE 67th  with entrance from parking in the back.

South Tabor

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