Mt. Tabor

By Laura Smith

Campsites are now a common sight in our city. At the August meeting of the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association, officers from the Portland Police Bureau informed attendees that campsites cannot be located in public right of ways, driveways or planting strips. You can report illegal campsites using the City’s “One Point of Contact Campsite Reporting System” by going online to

Officers reiterated that posting crime information on Nextdoor doesn’t get into the City’s system, so report non-emergency crimes using the City’s website which helps them prioritize and direct resources (

By now, you’ve probably driven over the new speed bumps along SE Thorburn which are calming traffic in that area. The Thorburn Safety Project is now focusing its efforts on a crosswalk project. A fiscal sponsorship account through SE Uplift has been set up to help fund the project.  If you’d like to make a tax-deductible contribution to this project (or others that SEUL sponsors), go to

A few land use notices were mailed to MTNA recently that may be of interest. One is for an approved sideyard setback relief for the property located at 1825 SE 50th Avenue where a 4-story, 19-unit apartment building is planned. Another notifies neighbors about the replacement of existing and the addition of new handrails along the existing staircase in Mt. Tabor Park that begins at the intersection of SE 69th Avenue and Mt. Tabor Drive. Also, a short-term rental located at 1714 SE 54th Avenue was approved by the City.

The Weed Warriors have started up again in Mt. Tabor Park. They meet monthly and would love you to volunteer to help. Check the FMTP website for info:

The next meeting of the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association will be Wednesday, September 20, at 7 pm at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church at SE 54th and Belmont, with social time and homemade cookies starting 6:50 pm. For more information,visit

Mt. Tabor

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