Paratheatre: What Is It?, a lecture-demonstration with author/astrologer Antero Alli is presented Wednesday Sept. 6 at  7:30 pm at PerformanceWorks Northwest, 4625 SE 67th Ave (near Foster).

The medium of Paratheatre combines methods of physical theatre, dance, vocalization and standing meditation to access and express the internal landscape of the Body’s innate sources of impulse, emotion, power, and grace. This intensely process-based work has proven useful to actors, dancers, singers, performers, and non-performers alike ready to break out of ruts and increase their integrity in creative work while stretching their given talents and skills

Alli has written, designed, and directed numerous experimental theatre works since 1975. In a rare public presentation, he discusses the methods of his Paratheatre work while they are demonstrated by those who have experienced the work firsthand. Performance and non-performance modalities of Paratheatre will be discussed, followed by a Q&A.

Admission is $5-10 sliding scale. For information see


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