The world premiere of Bi– opens the 2018 season at Teatro Milagro, the Miracle Theatre, from January 12 – 20 (a preview will be held January 11).

Set in a not-too-far-future, the characters of Tierra Plana inhabit a place where their individual categories are pre-determined. Fig, Noir, Isa, and Hex are four friends preparing for the day they receive their identity bracelets. In an escape to the desert they discover the mystery of the past hidden in boxes from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Inspired by the book Flatland by Edwin Abbott set in the year 2073 in a nation of squares, walls, and all sorts of boxes, Bi– breaks open the boxes of selective classification and raises the question: “What is your ‘bi-dentity’?”

Devised and directed by New York-based playwright/director Georgina Escobar, and developed with Dañel Malán and Ajai Terrazas Tripathi, the collection of interviews of individuals with dual identities is infused with poetic narrative, and dance movement choreographed by Gabriela Portuguez.

Fig, Noir, Isa, and Hex
Photo by Russell J. Young

“Bi– is about expansive thinking and will challenge its audiences to join a ride that could feel strange and foreign, but then again, isn’t that what all people who claim a dual identity (bi-nationals, bilinguals, bi-cultural) have to navigate in dealing with a homogeneous society?” asks Escobar.

The presentation is paired with Milagro’s UNIDAD curriculum where students attend workshops to address bullying, harassment, and student isolation by focusing on themes of identity, stereotypes, and community support.

Shows are Thursday-Saturday evenings at 7:30 pm. Sunday matinees at 2. Adult tickets in advance start at $27. Discounts available for seniors, students and groups. Tickets at, calling 503.236.7253, or at 425 SE 6th Ave. during business hours.