South Tabor Jan 2018

By Sandra Hay Magdaleno

While STNA does not hold a board/general meeting in December, on December 20, board president Duane Hanson announced an emergency meeting to address the City’s land use decision to approve the application for a 143,000-square-foot self-service storage development at SE 62nd and SE Powell, the site of the former 7 Dees nursery.

More than 34 people attended the meeting held at East Portland Coffee Roasters. The 28 STNA members in attendance, including five board members, voted unanimously to appeal the administrative decision to the Design Commission. Foster Powell neighbors were the other attendees present and will take the issue to their neighborhood association as well.

Reasons to appeal center around our continued desire to limit impacts on adjacent residential zones, limit traffic and vehicle movement impacts on SE 62nd, encourage more active street frontage on Powell, and ensure a forward-looking design that fits the neighborhood context and sets a good example for future development.

We will file the appeal by January 3, and a hearing before the Design Commission could be scheduled for as soon as February 1. Watch our website, the listserv, Facebook, and Nextdoor for an announcement. Our land use chair and committee will prepare testimony in the meantime. A strong turnout at the hearing in support of our appeal would be great.

By the time you read this, there will have been a meeting hosted by IRCO regarding proposed budget cuts to our already slim parks and recreation budget. We will have more information at the January STNA meeting and will report our findings in the February SE Examiner.

Our next STNA Land Use, Communications, and Sustainability Committees will meet on Tuesday, January 16, 7 pm at Trinity Fellowship, 2700 SE 67th Ave. STNA board/general meeting will be held Thursday, January 18, also at Trinity, with entrance from the parking in the back. See you there!

South Tabor Jan 2018

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