Portland filmmaker David Mayne teaches history with a cocktail in hand. His community of America’s top bartenders, historians and film artists have created a pilot for a new show, Happy Hour History, a web TV series highlighting the connections between alcoholic beverages and major events in human history.

Happy Hour History explores the roots behind classic cocktails, like the Moscow Mule and the Side Car and how they are connected to two catastrophic world wars. Prohibition Era cocktails the Bees Knees and the Scofflaw helped frame the early Women’s Rights Movement. One episode even shows how rum played a pivotal role in the American Revolution.

A pilot episode has been completed and now, in order to fund an entire first season of episodes, they are launching a crowdfunding campaign.

A filmmaker for over three decades, Mayne has written and directed PBS documentaries and national commercials. He worked with OPB for several years on PBS’ The History Detectives. He believes in the power of film/video to make the world a smarter, funnier and better place.

To contribute and find out more, see HappyHourHistory.com.