LaBelle, Lost in the World of the Automaton is Imago Theatre‘s April show. It’s the return of a giant artwork of a play presented to amaze and delight children of every age.

The story: On a sea voyage in an engine room of a 1920 steamship, Sam Stoker and Lady Rose travel back to 1740 to retell the classic tale, Beauty and the Beast.

The Beast and Beauty in LaBelle

With more than a hundred live action automatons and dazzling effects for the eye, mind, heart and imagination, the story comes to life with puppetry, steampunk themes, shadow theatre, and a multitude of effects, songs, drama and comedy.

Created by Carol Triffle and Jerry Mouawad, LaBelle is intriguing and entertaining. The theatre is at 17 SE 8th, right off Burnside St.

Tickets are: $17.50 for kids; $29.50 for youth and senior and $37.50 for adults and available at Imago 503.231.9581;, online at