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Learning to recycle right

By Bonita Davis, Master

Recycler and Sunnyside Resident

Recycling in Portland has taken sudden shifts due to the rejection of most of our recyclable materials from international buyers who find it too contaminated with food waste, trash, etc.

Additionally, businesses that would accept items such as plastic food clamshells, rigid plastics, etc., were forced to stop taking those materials and the market closed.

Frustrating and confusing, many of the people I talk with are not willing to give up, but are doing some things differently.

One thing is RECYCLING RIGHT, putting items we aren’t sure about into the garbage or turning to either The Curbsider Hotline (503.823.7202) or Metro Recycling (503.234.3000) to get correct information before opening the lid to that blue bin.

Others are taking a serious look at refusing to buy things they don’t need, can’t recycle or can’t be donated.

Maybe this is time to become more informed and active in what is going on! Two ideas: Find out more about materials management by signing up for the 10-week Master Recycling Program at and/or the online Recycling 101 certificate course sponsored by the Association of Oregon Recyclers. Info at

Voice your concerns. Speak up and share your ideas for less waste with your local businesses. I recently spoke with managers at SE Fred Meyer, New Season’s and Market of Choice and learned a lot about their receptivity to customer feedback through receipt surveys, suggestion cards, or chats with a manger. Feedback is read at manager’s meetings.

Bound by the same recycling restrictions as everyone else, changes such as the addition of durable plates and cutlery at hot food and salad bars, reduced packaging for take outs and bakery goods, and incentives for bringing your own coffee cups and bags are becoming more commonplace.

When talking with  manufacturers, the experts at the Metro Recycling Hotline suggest stressing how much you like the product and wish to continue purchasing it, then suggest the changes you would like to see (in packaging for example). Then thank them.

Manufactures may be hard to track down, so it may be helpful to begin giving your feedback at the store level so they can route it to the best source.

Packed with ideas on how to take positive action on behalf of our environment, Eugene’s Mary DeMocker has authored The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution. This mom/activist, outlines how to get the family involved in not only making wise choices, but empowering kids and neighbors to speak up.

For her, it helped trade worry with a good night’s sleep. DeMocker’s ideas go beyond recycling and present actions that take as little as 5, 30, to 60 minutes and cost nothing or as much as you wish to invest.

Along with creative ideas, she lists helpful organizations.  It’s available where you get your books.


Windermere Realty Trust’s Hawthorne office gathered its brokers and staff to volunteer at Hollywood Senior Center as part of their annual Community Service Day.

Established 34 years ago, Windermere’s Community Service Day has been recognized nationally as a model hands-on volunteer program and has been adopted by real estate companies around the country.

Brokers donate a portion of their commission from every transaction to the Windermere Foundation, which supports low-income children and families. To date, over $3.25 million has been donated to 164 local organizations through the local chapter of the Windermere Foundation.



Summer Art Camp

This summer, Richmond neighborhood will be brimming with creative activities at SummerArt Camps for children grades K-4th. The camp is sponsored by Art Literacy Academy, an after school program at Abernethy Grade School.

Classes are limited to 10-12 children and include nature walks to explore the connection of nature to art, and lessons in drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking.

Sessions are offered for the following weeks:  July 9-13,  July 23-27 and August 13-18 each day from noon – 5 pm at Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church, 2828 SE Stephens St.,

For more info, email Serene at and see

Non-Recyclable Plastics Ban

It could soon be the last straw for Portland’s City Council – at least the last plastic straw. A vote by City Council directed the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) to develop a strategy to reduce single-use, non recyclable plastics and invite feedback from community members, hospitals and care facilities, and businesses that stock and supply straws.

Portland is considering the ban as a response to the global plastic litter problem involving non recyclable  single use plastics.

Plastic straws are one of many items littering our land and oceans and impacting wildlife habitat. In fact, plastic straws are the 6th most frequently occurring litter in the United States, according to the 2017 Ocean Conservancy report.

Over 663 species, including sea turtles, whales, dolphins and seabirds, are impacted by plastic, either by ingesting or becoming entangled in plastic debris.

How and when change will occur will be determined in the development of the ordinance. See and follow the progress of this strategy.


 Still wondering why  you didn’t get an invitation to the Royal Wedding? Don’t be disappointed. Enjoy the unique flavors of Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake at Toadstool Cupcakes 3557 SE Hawthorne Blvd., with their “Elderflower Cordial Toadstool.”

Elderflower Cordial is one of Europe’s most popular beverages. The flowers picked each summer for their delicate floral taste are infused with lemons in a simple syrup of sugar and water to create a refreshing, thirst-quenching combination of sweet and tart. It is typically added to sparkling water, lemonade and a variety of cocktails.

It took a team of six bakers, working for five days, plus some 44 lbs of butter, 44 lbs of flour, 44 lbs  of sugar, 200 Italian lemons, 500 organic eggs and 10 bottles of the syrup made from the “ethereal” elderflowers  to make enough cake to feed 600 wedding guests.

At Toadstools, we drizzle every little English “fairy” cake with elderflower syrup and top them off with a blend of elderflower cordial and heavy cream. Sweet floral notes compliment the fresh, clean accents of lemon and the combination is sublime!

What could be more English than a glass of homemade elderflower cordial, drunk in an English garden in the evening of Midsummer’s Day? In fact the most auspicious time to encounter fairies in medieval times was held to be on Midsummer’s Eve under an elderflower bush, where it was believed that the Fairy King and Queen, together with their entourage, could be seen passing. Be careful not to fall asleep, because they’ll carry you off!


BROW EXPERTS, THREADING & HAIR SALON, 3621 SE Hawthorne Blvd. is now open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am – 2 pm and 3:30 – 8 pm. Mehar F.A. first became interested in beauty and health applications at thirteen in India where she apprenticed with her aunt, the local wise-woman and healer. She later became a certified cosmetologist and for the past forty years has used only natural ayurvedic products without chemicals. Mehar first did brow threading in Portland ten years ago. The services at Brow Experts currently include eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions, henna and tooth gems. The newly remodeled space has stations available for lease for hair stylists and make-up artists. For an appointment at the salon call 503.327.8530 or to inquire about leasing a space text Mehar at 360.977.4604.

CROSSFIT MONTAVILLA, 8040 SE Stark St., is a new gym in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood. Owners Mike and Holly Rodriguez desire to see all people truly thriving, knowing who they are and connected to one another in community. Join their Community Build initiative by purchasing a reward package in support of their mission to fund scholarships for refugees and bring people together.

P P & R summer fun

Golf – Portland Parks & Recreation’s Portland Public Golf now offers Free Golf Mondays for junior golfers (kids up to the age of 17) at both the Colwood Golf Center and Eastmoreland Golf Course. Junior golfers can play for free from sunrise until 3 pm on Mondays this summer until school begins again. The program includes the use of golf clubs for kids during their rounds! Please note: kids ages nine and under must be accompanied by an adult when they play.

No reservations are needed nor taken for Free Golf Mondays.

For more information on the program, please contact Colwood Golf Center at 503.254.5515 or Eastmoreland Golf Course at 503.775.2900.

Swimming on the eastside

Creston Pool           4454 SE Powell Blvd.     503.823.3672

Grant Pool              2300 NE 33rd Ave.          503.823.3674

Montavilla Pool      8219 NE Glisan St.         503 823.3675

Sellwood Pool        7951 SE 7th Ave.            503.823.3679

  1. Portland Pool  740 SE 106th Ave.  503.823.3450

Matt Dishman Pool  77 NE Knott St.              503.823.3673

Mt. Scott Pool        5530 SE 72nd Ave.         503.823.3183

Portland Parks’ pools offer open play swims, water exercise classes, junior lifeguard training, junior swim training, summer swim teams, and special events.

For information on all Aquatics offerings, including registration for swimming lessons and other activities, contact the pool near you, visit the PP&R Aquatics website, or call the Aquatic Administration Office at 503.823.5130.


RUMMAGE SALE July 13 and 14 at Tabor Heights Methodist Church SE 61st and Stark. Fundraiser for Mission Trip to Haiti. Donations for sale accepted Monday thru Friday 10-2 pm at the church.


CHANGES TO DEMOLITION CODE – If you plan to do work involving residential demolitions, additions or alterations, you should be aware of an ordinance that City Council passed on June 13, 2018, which simplifies some definitions, adds dust control requirements for major alterations using heavy equipment, and makes other technical changes to the Demolition Code. The ordinance will be implemented July 1, 2018. See


BELMONT LIBRARY EVENTS,1038 SE César E. Chávez Blvd., 503.988.5123. Collage and Assemblage, Thursday, July 5, 2-3 pm. Create a  collage with exciting and unexpected materials from SCRAP! Portland Oregon Paper Shapers (POPS), July 8, 1:30-4:30 pm. Enjoy origami-paper folding for fun, relaxation and stretching your brain. Drop in and practice origami with members of the Portland Oregon Paper Shapers. For disability accommodations, call 503.988.5123 or email 2-3 days before a program. Computer Basics, Wed, July 18, 5:30-7:30 pm. Registration required. Never tried a computer before? Learn the very basics of using a computer, a keyboard and a mouse. Adults, 50+, Teens. All abilities are welcome. For disability accommodations, call 503.988.5123 or email 2-3 days before a program.


I-5 CLOSURES FROM JULY 7-23, Remember the traffic from last summer’s eclipse? This summer will be worse. The ramp from I-5 southbound to I-84 will be closed completely. From July 25-August 8, the ramp from I-84 to I-5 northbound will close completely and during one of those weekends, I-5 northbound will be closed between the Marquam and Fremont bridges for paving. From July 27-August 27, I-84 will be reduced to one lane between the Lloyd Center exit and I-5. ODOT estimates that the commute from I-205 to I-5 could take upwards of three hours between 5 am and 11 pm and congestion will be felt out to Troutdale, up to the Glen Jackson Bridge and as far south as


KEEPING LETTER CARRIERS SAFE – Here are a few examples of things that are hazardous to Letter Carriers: slick steps from rain or snow, mossy steps, tripping hazards such as hoses or electrical cords, rotting wooden steps, crack in the sidewalk or steps, holes in the yard. Keep all pets restrained during the times of mail delivery. Unlock screen doors if the box is inside.


ANNUAL JUDGED FUCHSIA SHOW AND DISPLAY – Friday August 10, noon to 6 pm; Saturday, August 11, 9 am-6 pm and Sunday August 12, 9 am-1 pm. On the grounds behind the buildings at Portland Nursery, 5050 SE Stark St.There will be prize winning fuchsia plants from the Friday judging, display plants brought by members, an extensive display of blossoms, opportunities to get fuchsia questions answered, and a modest selection of baskets and gallon uprights grown by members. Plant sales do not begin until noon on Friday.


Community News July 2018

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