Raga & Tala is a rare performance of Indian classical music offered by vocalist Michael Stirling, Tabla artist Joss Jaffe and Tambura accompaniment by Michael’s daughter, Lucy Stirling.

This gifted ensemble will offer Ragas that manifest in the late summer/early autumn evenings. “An exquisite atmosphere manifests in this celestial sound”.and all are welcome. Admission is by your generous donation of any size.

This offering takes place September 7, at 8 pm at Nritya Mandala Mahavihara, 1405 SE 40th St., (½ block North of Hawthorne Blvd.) in the middle of the West side of the street.

Michael Stirling and Tambura dancemandal.com.

Stirling is a vocalist in the Kirana Gharana style and a Disciple of Pandit Pran Nath, the late master of Indian Classical Music. He is a student of Nath’s Senior Disciple, Maestro Terry Riley and has performed with many international artists. Lucy Stirling and Joss Jaffe are both gifted performers as well.

Hear him sing at michaelstirling.bandcamp.com

For performance info, call 503.577.7528.

To learn about the venue, see dancemandal.com.