Songs for my Child, Songs for Myself is a new series of paintings by Jolyn Fry. It opens Saturday, September 29 at Ford Gallery, 2505 SE 11th Ave. at 6 pm. The show will be on the walls through October 24.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Fry has exhibited a continually evolving body of work in group and solo shows here since the late 90s. She depicts literal, physical landscapes as well as those of a more personal, emotional nature. This show of new large scale paintings about the body were created in relation to healing from post trauma dissociations.

Fry says, “Surrendering to my artistic process grants me the kindest perspective of myself and the life that moves around me. These paintings are about my own experience of heartbreak and vulnerability. They are an embracing of myself as I reach out to hold those parts I thought so broken I had to bury them away from being seen. They are an effort to move again after having been frozen for so long.”

by Jolyn Fry

“The results of this are a storyline of paintings reflecting my experience of being a woman in present day time, a child in the past, and a human being with an ancestral lineage both extensive and world based.” See for more.

Jolyn Fry also works as an Art Educator for Radius Community Art Studio in SE Portland. Her new round of classes begin September 4, on Tuesdays or Wednesdays 6:30-9 pm in six week sessions. Lessons are individually tailored for each student. Register at