Super Deluxe

By Jack Rubinger

5009 SE Powell Blvd.

7 am – 11 pm everyday

Super Deluxe, the new drive through burger joint on Powell Blvd. at SE 50th, has been super busy since it opened in July. Its location is at one of the busiest intersections in Portland where 115,000 people drive by every day.

With its vivid turquoise and yellowish color scheme, the brightness gets your attention right away. That’s because the owners were inspired by childhood drive-through memories from the 80s.

With a stripped down menu — no fish, no frills — just burgers, fries, drinks, and coffee, customers have been jamming the drive-through line and inside, so much that the owners have had to make daily multiple orders from local purveyors like SP Provisions.

One of the owners, Matt Lynch, a veteran of some thirty restaurant openings, is enthusiastic about Super Deluxe. Living in Portland for 14 years,  Lynch is originally from a small town in Arizona that only had the most predictable fast food restaurants.

“We’ve got customers coming from Salem, Vancouver, Hillsboro and Sandy,” he said, despite one of the lowest key openings he’s ever done.

While there were a couple of new restaurant glitches including a milkshake machine that wasn’t robust enough to keep up with the demands of a hot summer and a telecom system that needed improvements, Lynch and his crew are happy to report that things are going smoothly now.

Team members take orders in the parking lot with a handheld point of sale system much like Dutch Bros. that gets people talking to customers and having lots of fun.

A handsome wooden patio area which seats about twenty will be set up for colder weather with heaters. The inside area, which seats thirty-two, has these round and smooth booths and tables which reflect light and are comfortable.

“We’re keeping it simple and doing it properly and we’re building our brand around those two things,” said Lynch. The restaurant’s logo was designed by acclaimed Portland artists Aaron Draplin and David Nakamoto.

The area has its roots in the 1950s with Speck’s Fried Chicken and Speck’s Burgers which once stood on the current site. More recently it was home to Taco Time.

Right now, it’s all hands on deck as Super Deluxe customers continue to sit down, drive through and dig into delicious fast food offerings.

Super Deluxe

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