Electronic pop-R&B multi-instrumentalist Kingsley releases her new EP, I Am Because I Dance! with a performance Saturday, February 23 at Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St.

A force of nature, Kingsley’s articulate voice can warm the coldest Northwest winter. She sings her personal experiences of life, love, and her journey of becoming.

Her original songs are influenced by pop, R&B/hip-hop, chill, electronic dance music and everything in between. Her new record is multi-genred and she says that was the point of the project.

“I did this because I was told by a few producers that I ‘need to stick with R&B’ or ‘why aren’t I doing neo-soul’? Naturally, I did the complete opposite of that and released my first single as a pop track called Ghost.”

The music begins at 6 pm and Yoswayy, Courtney Noe, and Hannah DiMo are also on the bill. Listen to Kingsley at iamkingsley.com/music. Tickets are $10/12 for 21+over.