Portland songster Little Sue celebrates the re-release on vinyl of her classic 1999 album Crow at the Laurelthirst Public House, Saturday February 23, at 9 pm. She’s at Music Millennium at 4 pm too for live preview tunes and a CD signing.

Sue told The Southeast Examiner: “We did the CD release in February of 1999 at Berbati’s Pan with Herman Jolly (Sunset Valley) and his solo awesome record Mad Cowboy Disease. He will be recreating that record with the same personnel at this re-release!”

Crow was Little Sue’s second record and is a masterful batch of energetic mainstream-friendly tunes backed by a who’s who of Portland musicians. This here is heartfelt psychedelic country, and “nothing less than a small chunk of honky-tonk heaven” indeed.

From the opening bars of “Down On You” through the deliciously twisted “Sweetie” to “Nilsson” (the heartfelt tribute to the long-departed Harry Nilsson he surely would’ve loved) to the last fading notes of the New Orleans feel of “These Days”, this is an album to listen to from front to back. There are steamrolling guitars a thunderous band, musical surprises and a great batch of songs that carry the listener through.

The album has been re-released by Secret Sound a label owned by Marc Baker. “Marc offered to put out my newest effort, GOLD, which will be released in April of this year. It just so happens that the same engineer/drummer/co-producer that I worked with on Crow, Gregg Williams, is also the same for the new recording!”

Little Sue shall be re-released. Listen to it and your heart will dance at littlesue.bandcamp.com/album/crow-2.