Imago Theatre presents the Next Wave Festival of three original works beginning with Leonard Cohen Is Dead, through March 16, To Fly Again, March 22 to April 6 and the third, Pebble, May 10 to 25.

• In the first play, Leonard Cohen Is Dead, crime is acceptable and dead singers lead the world. Physical, explosive and with the mania of a wild universe, Jerry Mouawad’s original mash-up takes influences from Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, Jean Genet’s Splendid’s and sci-fi horror. As an aside, the play has nothing to do with Leonard Cohen.

• To Fly Again (March 22 to April 6) – Mad Max, Ionesco and Beckett are inspirations for Mouawad’s desert playground where “there is nothing to be done.” A revival of last spring’s hit play, four dancers and a roaming percussionist clash and collide with a clan of four clowns (à la Marx Brothers) in a beautiful, yet barren, landscape.

• Pebble (May 10 to 25) Creator of The Reunion, The Dinner and Fallout, Carol Triffle puts up her latest work Pebble, a world where a brother interrogates his sister in a mysterious who-not-done-it and she leaves him with only “I’ll tell you later, kid.”

Imago Theatre is at 17 SE 8th Ave. and all shows run Thursday-Saturdays 7:30; with Sunday matinees at 2 pm. Tickets for all three shows are $30 with single show tickets Fri/Sat $20; Thu/Sun $15.

See for more. Box office number is 503.231.9581