Laurelhurst Neighborhood Receives National Historic Recognition

It’s official! After years of work by hundreds of community volunteers, the Laurelhurst Neighborhood has been added to the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district.

The National Parks Service summary decision said “Laurelhurst represents a distinctly planned community/neighborhood in early 20th century Portland.”

Chief organizer John Liu said the listing will help preserve the neighborhood’s historical architecture, design character and urban forest without placing restrictions on remodeling, solar paneling or accessory dwelling units.

“As Portland grows,” Liu said, “we need to preserve the good and lasting things… I hope the city will give historic preservation higher priority.”

Liu thanks Restore Oregon, the Architectural Heritage Center, the McCulloch Foundation, the University of Oregon’s Historic Preservation Program and the city for guidance and support. MP

Laurelhurst Gates at NE 32nd and Glisan

Laurelhurst Neighborhood Receives National Historic Recognition

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