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Anna Fritz and Mirabai Pearl

June 16 • 7 pm

Anna Fritz is a cello-wielding activist folksinger. She creates a musical alchemy of cello and voice, strumming the cello like a guitar and playing beautiful melodies with the bow as she sings. . Like the great folksingers of previous generations, Anna is a catalyst for people to sing together. Her songs are infectious and easy to learn, imbued with a sense of timelessness as if they’ve been sung for generations. annafritz.com

Mirabai Pearl gathers her many folk influences and her curiosity for dark and complex harmonies to see how a viola and voice can weave together.

Her songs are deeply personal and explore the subjects of creative journey and discovery, grief and loss along with hope and determination to live honestly and fully in these times.

Paul Sanchez and Eric MeEuen June 30 • 7 pm

Paul Sanchez is an award-winning songwriter who has appeared at the Kerrville Folk Festival and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. His songs echo the hope and struggles of people, including himself. Accompanying himself on guitar and banjo, Sanchez has been writing songs for nearly 50 years.

Eric McEuen grew up around the mountains of New Mexico, and now lives around the mountains of Colorado.  In between, he has lived on both coasts and performed in more than 30 states.  His music combines a variety of musical styles, lyrical depth, and a heart that wants to make every listener feel connected. In the words of Richard Colombo, former owner of Artichoke Music: 

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