Richmond September 2019


By Allen Field

Richmond Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting on August 12, at Waverly Heights Church at SE 33rd/Woodward St.  RNA meetings are held in the basement; enter from the east-side door.  All are welcome. The website is

Officer Shaun Sahli reported that a very prolific car prowler was caught. In response to concerns raised at the meeting, he will try to arrange two day enforcement missions on Clinton and Woodward. He explained that Civic Life is eliminating its Crime Prevention program and rebranding it as “Community Safety,” but he did not know what the new program will entail.

With an almost unanimous vote of the twenty-seven members present, the following amendments were made to the Bylaws: 1) Directors can only be elected by the Members, the Board can no longer appoint people to the Board, 2) Robert’s Rules do not apply to Board of Directors elections since the RNA has its Election Standing Rules that govern election procedure, and 3) Directors must sign the RNA’s Code of Ethics instead of having the option just to orally agree to them.

The Board voted to oppose the Code 3.96 proposal that would effectively dismantle the City’s forty-five year old, nationally recognized Neighborhood Association System. The proposal would remove the formal recognition of neighborhood associations and District Coalitions, the requirement for neighborhood associations to follow Open Meetings rules (which ensure non-discrimination, inclusivity, open meetings, transparency and accountability), and the requirement that the City and Coalitions support neighborhood associations.

Contrary to the 2016 Auditor’s Report and a 2008 Community Connect Report, which recommended strengthening the Neighborhood Association System and adding to the Code formal recognition of other groups, the 3.96 proposal eliminates formal recognition of everyone. No one has a Code-protected seat at the table.

The Board voted to keep the RNA listserve restricted to announcements.

The next RNA meeting will be September 9 and will include an Ice Cream Social, an opportunity to meet the Board and your neighbors, with guest speaker Oregon House Representative Rob Nosse, District 42.  He will give an update on important issues this legislative term and answer questions.

Richmond September 2019

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