Sidestreet Arts showcases the ceramic sculpture of Kendall Jones and Katherine McDowell’s monotype prints for the month of November and you are invited to come see for yourself .

Jones’ textured sculptures beckon you to ask… “what’s your story?” Often, there is the slightest hint of whimsy that draws a smile, as in Hermanas, pictured here. Three young ladies in their polka-dotted dresses and pig-tailed hair hug each other while gazing directly at the viewer, appearing to be sharing some kind of special event, a play or party, perhaps, or a secret. Their identical attire, hair color and makeup suggests they are striking a pose, perhaps for a photo.

Visual artist McDowell is focused on montotype printing. Bright saturated colors streak each large scale print in her Lake Monotype series. The colors on the paper are like a sunset over the horizon; they bleed into one another, vivid and visually arresting. Textures present themselves, luring the eye into the greater depths of the paper.

Sunday Brunch with Artists is Sunday, November 10, beginning at noon. | 140 SE 28th Ave. | 503.327.8064