Home, Money and Age-Related Changes: Your Home and Your Memories

By Rachel Hemmingson, Consultant

The Holiday Season is an evocative time. It is a marker of both continuity and change and it is the gateway to cold winter and a new year beyond.

For older homeowners, this season may also bring up sentimental attachments to house and home. This is especially true if it’s been home for a very long time. 

Still, it is the same house and home which has maintenance needs, property taxes and may be poorly designed for age-related physical and social changes. 

Frequently this season is a time when gathered loved ones bring up the need to consider modifying the house or selling it to finance a new option.

If you’re considering making a move in the coming year, it may be a time of conflicted feelings. Your feelings, combined with sentiments from loved ones, can be a dampening on a festive mood.

Consider these heightened feelings an opportunity. Some simple actions can ease the conflict and help with your eventual choices.

As you notice sweet and favorite times or places in your home, take pictures and notes. Record little stories, “This teacup, in this lighting by this chair…I love this.” 

Capturing these vignettes makes them portable for re-creation in your next home.

Start a list of every question, worry and consideration that enters your mind regarding making a change – or changing your house to make it work for you. 

Putting your concerns on paper lets you put them aside to enjoy the moment, knowing you won’t forget them. 

Consider adding the feelings and thoughts of your loved ones – but keep it as your list as it is your life. Let yourself and your loved ones enjoy the season and the time in your home right now.

Understand that there are many professional helpers for virtually every need you have. Learning about these service providers and how they can help can come second – after you’ve made your list and definitely after the holidays.

Rachel Hemmingson facilitates age-related housing choices and changes for older adults. 971-207-2806, rachelhemmingson@gmail.com

Home, Money and Age-Related Changes: Your Home and Your Memories

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