Hunica at Milagro

Written by Canadian-Chilean playwright Marilo Nuñez and inspired by true events, Milagro Theatre’s Huinca tells the tale of Manuel Huillipan of the Chilean community of Lof Rankilko. Wrongfully jailed, and accused of setting fire to land illegally purchased by the Arauco logging company, Millaray Cayancura, the community healer makes prayers and offerings to her spirit guides to help. 

Then a young woman working for a logging company is sent to Chile to attempt to negotiate away the Mapuche people sacred lands. Her encounters with the elders and dreams of a sacred Araucania tree spirit test her dedication to her job. 

Milagro’s original bilingual production shows audiences the history of the indigenous Chilean people, the Mapuche, and their unique relationship to their land. Framing their struggle in a larger global context, the story points to other indigenous efforts to protect a native land against global industrialization and colonialism. The play will tour nationally until November of 2020. See it here first January 9-18. 

Performances are Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2 pm. Tickets $29 in advance, $32 at the door; seniors $25/$30; student/veterans tickets $20/$25. Preview tickets for January 9 are $18/$22 at the door. Arts for All available. The boxoffice phone is 503.236.7253 or see

Image by Liana Rose

Hunica at Milagro

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