Meet The SE Examiner’s Team

By Kris McDowell

Whenever I hear about new ownership taking over an existing business, one of the first things I want to know is the status of the staff. Are most of them staying on board? Are most of them leaving? Is there any indication that the staff is happy/nervous/open to/concerned about the change? 

While any change brings some uncertainty, I see the retention of most employees as a favorable indicator for the future of the business. 

It is from this viewpoint that I am so pleased that the existing team at The Southeast Examiner is staying on board. Additionally, their history with the paper means we’ll continue to bring you news from the voices you are familiar with. 

Working with the team on the first couple of issues has allowed me to learn more about each of them and I thought you, Faithful Readers, might be interested in learning a bit about each of the people that are integral to product we are proud to present to you each month.

Brian Cutean  joined The Southeast Examiner at the turn of the century when newspapers, neighborhood groups and the very shape of our Rose City was still a synchronous anachronism. He inherited the proofreader position from the elegant and perspicacious Patricia Marsh and then the A&E editorship from supreme scribe and poet David Johnson back in the days when the paper was actually pasted up with a wax roller on flat boards and delivered by hand to most of SE. 

David Krogh has been a contributor since 2018 and is a retired certified planner and consultant. His areas of specialty include land use planning, transportation, housing, homelessness and government codes and processes. He has published commentaries in other area news outlets. 

Don MacGillivray has lived and worked in inner SE Portland for fifty+ years, seeing it change from a deteriorating neighborhood into a very desirable community. After graduating from the University of Oregon School of Architecture, he enlisted as a VISTA volunteer and  planner, and then worked as Director of the Portland Neighborhood History Project. 

He has been an active volunteer with Buckman Community Association, SE Uplift and numerous civic improvement organizations, joining The Southeast Examiner as a writer in 2010.  

Midge Pierce worked in print, broadcast and cable markets from Manhattan to Baltimore, New Orleans to Denver and stops in between, garnering numerous journalism, documentary production and public service awards including an Emmy. 

She came to the Northwest to enjoy family and hiking trails, but traded her boots for a press pass after witnessing the loss of Portland’s affordable housing and livability. 

She believes The SE Examiner as an independent community paper, has a unique opportunity to hold the City to high standards of accountability and ensure that SE residents are informed about issues of greatest impact to them.  

Jack Rubinger, originally from the suburbs of Long Island, says his first published piece was “If I Were A Raindrop,” published in Golden Magazine when he was in kindergarten. 

Jack has tackled a wide range of subjects, including architecture, automobiles, and arc flash. He joined The SE Examiner because he is curious and concerned about the local community where his has lived for ten+ years.  

Nina Silberstein has a degree in journalism from the State University of New York College at Buffalo. She has more than thirty years of writing/editing experience and specializes in medical and health-related content. 

Nancy Tannler’s thoughts for the past twenty four years have focused on local politics and citizens, business entrepreneurs and creatives as Editor in Chief and Publisher of The SE Examiner. 

The experience has taught her how to listen for ideas that tell the story of people and community, and she is looking forward to continuing in a writing capacity. When not concerning herself with civic life, she enjoys playing piano, sewing and reading. 

Meet The SE Examiner’s Team

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