What’s Next for DOZA?

By David Krogh

DOZA refers to Design Overlay Zoning Amendments and is an attempt by the City to update the design review processes and standards for new commercial and multi-family develops within the City of Portland.  

The City Design Commission (DC) and the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) held a joint public hearing October 22 to receive testimony on DOZA.  

Public testimony was extended until November 15 for those who still wished to provide comments. 

City Planner Phil Nameny has told The Southeast Examiner, no additional public testimony will be accepted after that, nor will hearings be held on the matter until it goes before the City Council  – anticipated to be sometime next spring or summer. 

Both commissions will hold separate work sessions to discuss comments received and to formulate their own recommendations for City Planning staff to include in the ultimate submittal to the City Council. These work sessions will be public, but no public testimony will be taken.  

Interested persons should check the websites for both commissions in order to determine the work session dates, places and times. The City’s DOZA website: portlandoregon.gov/bps/70324.

What’s Next for DOZA?

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