Oregon’s Primary Coming Up in May

By David Krogh

May 19, 2020 is the date for Oregon’s primary election. Regarding the Portland City Commission, there are three positions up for grabs. The positions and candidates registered thus far (according to the City Auditor’s Office) are as follows.

Candidates for Mayor (currently held by Ted Wheeler)

Sarah Iannarone

Teressa Raiford

Michael O’Callaghan 

Bruce Broussard

Michael Burleson

Cash Blanco Carter

Ted Wheeler

Ozzie Gonzalez

Willie Banks

Candidates for Commissioner, Pos. No 1 (currently held by Amanda Fritz)

Carmen Rubio

Philip Wolfe

Timothy DuBois

Candace Avalos

Candidates for Commissioner, Pos. No 4 (currently held by Chloe Eudaly)

Jack Kerfoot

Mingus Mapps

Alyssa Vinsonhaler

Note: Chloe Eudaly has indicated she intends to run for re-election. However, at the time of this writing she is not as yet registered with the City Auditor. In addition, Amanda Fritz is retiring and not running for re-election.

Of interest for the City Commission election per the City Auditor, “For each office on the Primary Election ballot, if no single candidate receives a majority of votes cast, the names of the two candidates with the highest number of votes will appear on the November 3, 2020 General Election ballot.” 

This means a candidate for one position who receives a majority of votes cast for that position will automatically win that position. 

However, in the event of no majority winner the top two candidates for a given position would have a runoff on November 3.

The Southeast Examiner will be providing interviews and bio information on the candidates. 

The first is an interview with Mingus Mapps and will be in our February edition. 

Readers can look at Mapps’ campaign website at mingusmapps.com.

Oregon’s Primary Coming Up in May

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