Jet Black Pearl the wild accordion diva, brings her loops and energetic songs to the Corkscrew Wine Bar, 1665 SE Bybee Blvd, on Monday, February 17 at 7 pm. 

Born in the Netherlands, Jetty Swart, aka Jet Black Pearl, has lived and played her accordion, singing her intelligent and zany songs with humor, grace and charm at festivals and in clubs, schools, prisons, big tops and ruins throughout Europe, North America and Asia. 

The Corkscrew Wine Bar is an intimate space with distinctive chandeliers, a stage up front and a fine sound system. Built in a vintage Portland storefront, there’s wood on the walls, wine everywhere, an overhead viewing loft, and even a velveteen hideway in the back for clandestine tête-à-têtes.

Other music this month: Wednesday February 12, Redray Frazier and Ezra Holbrook at 8 pm; Thursday February 13, The Adlai Alexander Trio; and a special Valentine’s Evening treat with Will Dudley‘s Kora and West African influenced music.