Montavilla February 2020

By Louise Hoff

Montavilla Neighborhood Association is headed into a busy spring. PBOT is considering an overhaul of Glisan between 82nd and 102nd. Their Capital Project Manager Steve Szigethy will be the featured speaker at our next MNA meeting Monday, February 10, 6:30 pm. 

Steve introduced his topic at our last meeting and is seeking input from residents. Many neighbors have asked MNA about speed bumps, greenways, parkway gardens and traffic stops, so this will be a golden opportunity to ask Steve anything about PBOT.

The 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade on April 25 is already in the planning and copies of applications for entries are available from MNA and online. The Board is hoping for colorful entries and is starting to reach out to musicians. After all, most of the parade is on the streets of Montavilla.

East Precinct Police Sergeant Hank Hays has been wonderful about coming to the meetings and answering questions, showing how to reach a live officer or get online to get information about our neighborhood, such as monthly crime reports. He emphasized how important it is to always report a crime, even if you feel the response time is slow, because it helps them assess the staffing need in a particular area. 

Some neighbors wanted to know why it takes so long to shut down drug houses and he will go into that in a little more depth next meeting.

Montavilla experienced a most terrible tragedy when one of our families was swept out to sea by a rogue wave at Cannon Beach. Vestal Elementary School held a lovely vigil for the children, the families and the community, giving such a wonderful example to all of the children there of how we as a group, as a community, can get through dark hours. Montavilla is so much more than streets and buildings when you see how the loss of these two children has touched us all.

Montavilla February 2020

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