Eugene artist Christopher St. John’s one-man show, SHINE, opens at Sidestreet Arts in February, featuring not only his whimsical ceramic creatures, but also an array of two-dimensional watercolors.

This piece is called Shine Moth and St. John told us “When my son and his children look back at the work I created in my lifetime, I want them to know that I cared about this beautiful world, and that I worked to be a part of the solution to this immense problem.”

“Art has tremendous power to shift people’s perspective,” he said, “and I see that people struggle with the language around climate change and extinction. It remains a fact that we live on the only known planet with a biosphere, and if art can be positively used to draw people’s attention to the unique beauty of life on this planet, then we are all better served.”

In his other pieces, an ant, bathed in rose and lettuce green colors, looks up off the plate and a contented bunny beckons for a hug as it sits with large ears.

Sidestreet Arts has long represented Christopher’s artwork, and this is the first time he’s been featured in a one-man show. 

SHINE opens First Friday, February 7, 6-9 pm. Monthly Sunday Art Brunch is Sunday, February 16, 12 pm. Sidestreet Arts, 140 SE 28th Ave. 503.327.8064.