Enso Theatre Ensemble

After years of performer training that taught how to get in to character, but not how to get out, Caitlin Lushington and Jordan Mackey (above) founded Enso Theatre Ensemble, a nonprofit dedicated to creating and teaching theatre with mindfulness.

Lushington has spent the last several years developing a mindfulness-based rehearsal process to teach actors how to create boundaries for themselves and increase self-awareness, to facilitate a better understanding of how their work affects them.

Their debut production in 2016 was an adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic, Pride & Prejudice. Since then they’ve become known for ensemble-based, movement-driven work.

They launched two educational programs: their Word Elf Theater Classes for children ages 2-6, and their Student Director Mentorship Program for high school and college students. This June, pending the developments related to this quarantine, they will produce an adaptation of the fairy tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon, suitable for kids ages 8+.

Enso offers free, daily mindfulness practices each morning at 9 am anyone can follow on the Enso Theatre Facebook page. There are online theater classes for kids, by suggested donation, recommended for ages 2-6. The event links are on Facebook and at ensotheatre.com.

Enso Theatre Ensemble

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