Green Zebra Opens on SE Division

By Jack Rubinger

The Division Green Zebra grocery store at the corner of Division and 52nd Ave., opened on February 12. The store includes healthy food options including fresh produce, dairy items, bread, canned goods and cereal for nearby residents.

A small bulk section features bulk coffee, local pastries drip coffee, meat, cheese, frozen goods, hot soup, a salad bar and other grab-and-go items.

At 8,000 square feet, the Division Green Zebra grocery store is about twice as large as an average 7-11 store.

“Our mission is to increase access to healthy food,” said store manager Jillian Rosen. “We chose this location because we open stores in areas that are either food deserts or in neighborhoods that are lacking healthy grocery options.”

On a recent Saturday afternoon visit, several customers were stocking up. One customer mentioned liking the vegan nacho bar while another expressed delight in the wide assortment of coffee creamers and breakfast sandwiches.

The store offers many items typically found in a traditional grocery store in a smaller format. Green Zebra includes an extensive collection of local beer and wine. Product selection is 30 percent local.

Other neighborhood Green Zebra stores are located on NE Multnomah St., SW Broadway and N. Lombard St.

The new Division store was originally intended to be the Portland area’s first location, but  the demolition of the previous structure was required before the construction of a new building could begin, delaying its opening. The NE Multnomah location in the Lloyd area went into an existing building.

Green Zebra employs 30 people. Other managers include Katie Gillham (Grocery), Emily Clark (Front End) and Kassidy Cooprider (Deli).

“We’re focusing on food, fun and community,” said Rosen. “That means serving healthy, delicious, safe food, having fun while we do it and providing great service.”

The community reaction to the new store has been positive and Division Clinton Business Association said, “A lot of folks are happy that Green Zebra has opened and they now have a convenient place to get groceries in that part of the neighborhood. The management team has been eager to connect with the community, and they’ve been great to engage with.”

Green Zebra store hours are 7 am-10 pm.

Photo credit Green Zebra.

Green Zebra Opens on SE Division

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