Anna Tivel’s Stayhomepoems

Portland songwriter Anna Tivel wants to email you a newly-made Stayhomepoem every week along with a link to a new weekly song to listen to.

“In trying to dream up ways to stay afloat,” Tivel said, “after having to cancel and come home from a 30-date tour in Europe and cancel all shows in the States for the foreseeable future, I wanted to find a way to connect and stay hopeful and creative; to somehow still put art into the world.”

To sign up, she asks you to send your email address and consider a small donation of whatever makes sense for you at this time through PayPal, Venmo or check.

“So many artists are out of work with no safety net whatsoever, in a world of streaming music for halves of pennies and with live shows being the only way to bring in any income. It’s a pretty terrifying reality, but I know musicians are also feeling hugely grateful for the strength of the community and well aware that there are many, many folks struggling who don’t have the ability to reach out publicly.”

Anna Tivel reaches for that thread of understanding with her music; that moment of recognition, of shared experience. Her songs are moving and her Stayhomepoems are a mindful weekly event to look forward to. Email her at for sign up, details. Listen to her music and watch vids at


spent three days

in the tall grass

dirt clods

and the broken faucet

of my body

dripping and swearing

the world’s gone mad

and all I could think to do

was fill the wheel barrow

over and over

with dug up rocks

and tiny earthen creatures

some weeds are twisted


others have young

purple flowers

and seeds that reach out

even as you maim them

the world’s like that



and also

slowly blooming

© anna tivel, 2020

Image: Anna Tivel photo by Matt Dayak

Anna Tivel’s Stayhomepoems

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