Multimedia + Metal

Amy Reudinger’s urns

For the month of May, Sidestreet Arts features two artists in multimedia and metal: Amy Ruedinger and encaustic artist Sidestreet member, Michele Sabatier.

The gallery itself may or may not be physically open this month (as per all guidelines), but they are displaying the art in a new online feature gallery as well as in their gallery windows.

Ruedinger’s metal works are exquisite copper vessels belonging both to antiquity and contemporary times. Tall textured urns and pounded bowls stand with a certain majesty in their irregular surfaces and patina finishes.

Sabatier captures Spring in beeswax as cadmium yellows and resplendent pinks pop from layered and etched encaustic surfaces. Trees bursting with color play on her abstract “wallscapes.”

Sidestreet’s website has changed to meet the new needs of the community as they not only have the featured show online, but an “art of the day” section to “stroll through.” Items purchased online can be picked up during scheduled appointment times.

See | 140 SE 28th Ave. | 503.327.8064

Image: Michele Sabatier’s encaustic on cradled birch panel

Multimedia + Metal

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