Your Home and Your Freedom

At this writing, we are still all hunkered down with the threat of COVID-19. We may still be when you read this so why the topic of freedom?

You may never have a better time to really take stock of how your location, the property as an asset and an expense, as well as the impact the design of your house has on you. There’s nothing like restriction to show us movement we usually take for granted.

Perhaps now you want freedom from that mortgage payment or property maintenance. Perhaps you want freedom to access your loved ones more readily. Perhaps it’s freedom to get part of the house prepared to rent out.

Right now, many homeowners are feeling restricted about selling and moving.

As I read various industry-related commentary, I am coming to expect that many older adults will want to sell and move, in order to be closer to family. The perception is that they are stuck for now.

However, the housing market is functioning better than you might think. The real estate profession has established best practices for listing and selling houses with minimal contact or exposure all around.

The professionals who service these processes – appraisers, inspectors, photographers, virtual tour videographers, title companies and more are observing the extra efforts needed to protect homeowners and themselves.

As of this writing, the number of houses for sale are down, but the rate at which they are being purchased is high.

On average, houses priced below $600,000 are selling within a week and sometimes for more than the asking price. It’s a good time to sell and buyers are serious.

If being stuck in your current house has made you antsy to begin the process of making a move, it is not a bad time to be talking with a realtor about preparations and expectations.

For homeowners who don’t want to sell but are interested in making renovations to their homes to make life there better, there are actions to take as well.

Architectural designers and remodelers can do a lot from their computers in terms of designing, planning and providing quotes for the work you want done. Some house designs are common enough that good progress can be made with minimal measuring by you. Depending on what you wish to have done, remodeling may be able to begin very soon.

I believe that for all of our cultures’ emphasis on the importance of freedom, what we will see now is people figuring out how to live in a way, and a place, which facilitates more closeness and community. These values are equally dear to us and speak to the interdependence we must embrace to live well in our well-aged years.

Rachel is a Consultant & Advocate for Aging Well  971.207.2806

Your Home and Your Freedom

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