BeaconPDX has been serving meals to the SE houseless community for years, operating out of Sunnyside Community House until last September 2019.

New building ownership shut the program down at that site, but that hasn’t stopped the organization.

These days they provide sack lunches daily at Sunnyside Park in the Belmont neighborhood at 1 pm, rain or shine.

Sack lunches are made and distributed by a rotating group of volunteers. If you are interested in contributing, you are invited to put together 20 sack lunches (or however many you can make).

Once prepared, a neighbor from BeaconPDX will pick them up from your porch and deliver them to those in need.

BeaconPDX estimates the cost for people to put together 20 sack lunches ranges $30-$50, including the cost of food and bags to package it in.

Full details found at or contact John at 503.382.9607,