Blood supplies typically dip during summer months and this year due to COVID-19, blood supplies are even lower than usual.

A new program from Bloodworks Northwest is aimed at high school and college students and school groups to aid in the recruitment of blood donors at pop-up locations and donor centers now through September 19.

Individuals and school groups can choose between recruiting donors for either a half-day takeover or a two-week virtual drive.

Their efforts earn individuals a $250 award for recruiting 25 donors or $350 for groups recruiting 35 donors.

Under the half-day takeover, the student or school group selects a half-day at one Bloodworks pop-up location or donor center to recruit donors for.

The two-week virtual option provides more flexibility for donors to give blood at any Bloodworks pop-up location or donor center within the selected time frame.

Donors for the virtual drive will receive a unique 4-digit code attached to the individual or group doing the recruiting.

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