Dealing with Increased Graffiti

As the City’s reopening begins, a sign of the decreased number of people who have been out and about over the past months remains:  increased graffiti.

The City of Portland’s Graffiti Program offers reduced-cost removal assistance to residents of any single-family home or condo/apartment building with 10 or fewer units, small businesses (10 or fewer employees, corporate franchisees excluded) and non-profit organizations (excluding large ones like Goodwill Industries or Providence).

Services include painting and/or power washing painted and unpainted surfaces.

To request removal assistance, fill out the graffiti removal service agreement found at and return it by mail or email as instructed on the form.

After placing a request, you should hear back from the program within three to five days.

Locations that do not qualify for City-sponsored graffiti removal assistance may want to contact one of these contractors to perform the work: Portland United Graffiti Removal at 503.764.8355, Graffiti Removal Services at 916.233.7739 or Portland Graffiti Removal at 971.678.5249.

Dealing with Increased Graffiti

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