IPR Annual Report Released

The Portland City Auditor has released their 2019 Independent Police Review’s (IPR) annual report.

In past years, the annual report focused on snapshots of data that now are updated more frequently and presented through online dashboards.

These include misconduct complaints and allegations, homeless arrests and office-involved shootings. Data can be accessed at portlandoregon.gov/ipr/76848.

The online dashboards can be customized to viewer’s preferences and links on the last page of the dashboards offer the data for download.

In addition to investigations, IPR reviews Portland Police Bureau (PPB) policies and makes recommendations for improvement.

Under the Five-Year Strategic Plan instituted in 2017 and continuing through the end of 2021, the areas of focus are: developing further autonomy from the PPB to maintain independence and promote accountability; creating clear criteria for IPR action to promote transparency in decision-making; and clearly communicating IPR processes and action to promote community engagement.

IPR achieved substantial compliance for its part of the Department of Justice Settlement agreement and will continue to monitor the timeliness of cases, still, the number of Bureau members filing complaints against it has seen an upward trend in recent years.

Progress has been made on the Strategic Plan, but seeks to improve access to data and make more investigative information available to the public.

Read the full report at .

IPR Annual Report Released

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