Portland’s Heritage Tree program began in 1993 and provides legal protection for trees certified by a qualified arborist to receive the heritage designation.

The trees are regarded as being of “special importance to the city” because of “their age, size, type, historical association or horticultural value.”

Over 300 trees in Portland are designated as Heritage Trees which includes 120 species or cultivars and 60 genera.

The Guidebook, available at portlandoregon.gov/parks/article/441738, breaks the trees down by species and location, gives species descriptions and the best times to view the trees (by month or season).

At 76 pages in length, the Guidebook provides a wealth of information.

For those who prefer to focus on SE, skip ahead to pages 29 and 30 for a list the locations of more than 25 Heritage Trees in SE, the quadrant with the greatest number in Portland.