Charles Erickson

Local artist Charles Erickson painted this diptych called Twin Peaks, a fantastic depiction of William Penn at the historical Treaty of Shackamaxon in 1683 with the Lenape Indians where Kensington, Pennsylvania is now. Voltaire called the Treaty “The only treaty never sworn to and never broken.” Peace between the Lenape Turtle Clan and Penn’s successors would endure for over 70 years.

Erickson is an avid painter as well as an octogenarian and said: “I’m painting in a tradition. The model for my picture was Penn’s Treaty with the Indians by Edward Hicks; a Quaker preacher and folk painter from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who lived between the Revolutionary War and the War Between The States. Hicks based his version on the painting by Benjamin West, the model original of the series.

“During the time these pictures were developing in my mind,” he said, “I was aware of the Struggle over the Dakota Access Pipeline.” Email him at

Charles Erickson

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