Portland Music Streams

Alberta Rose Theatre offers a brand new season of Portland Music Stream live performance. In October, you can see these performers live and online:

Saturday, October 3: Shelly Rudolph with A-WOL Dance Collective

Sunday, October 4: Lisa Mann

Wednesday, October 9: Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters

Friday, October 11: John McCutcheon

Monday, October 14: Science On Tap

Tuesday, October 15: The Bayou Boyz

Thursday, October 17: Portland Country Underground

Friday, October 18: Duffy Bishop Band

All performances begin at 7 pm.

These are intimate, up-close performances featuring a wide array of talented artists in a variety of genres. To subscribe for the season at a reduced rate, get tickets for individual shows, sign up for the email list, find out who is playing the Stream in future months or to make a donation to ART, see albertarosetheatre.com.

Ashleigh Flynn photo by Richard Hallman

Portland Music Streams

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