AHC Virtual Gala Seeks Volunteers

The Architectural Heritage Center’s (AHC) gala goes virtual on Thursday, February 25. It will be free and open to all.

The event is their biggest of the year, typically attracting over 250 people to celebrate the organization’s work to connect people and place, past and future.

The AHC is looking for volunteers to help with key areas of the event. Specifically, they are looking for people to brainstorm and secure items for the online auction, foodies who can develop and arrange delivered meal/snack baskets to gala attendees, those with experience videotaping and post-production video work.

Interested parties are invited to fill out their volunteer form at visitahc.org/volunteer-opportunities or send an email to AHC volunteer coordinator Dave Johnson at davej@visitahc.org.

AHC Virtual Gala Seeks Volunteers

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