Mt. Tabor Park Seeks Volunteers

As spring rolls around Mt. Tabor Park would like to use the visitor center as a focal point for several ecological and cultural activities to take place on Saturday mornings in April and May. 

They’ve developed a list of possible activities that will evolve depending on interest and specialties, but all will relate in some way to the character and ecology of the park.

In order to make this happen the park is looking for activity leader volunteers interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise with park visitors. These leaders will develop an activity plan, determine the audience for the activity and offer a preferred schedule to present the activity.

Visitor center volunteers and the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park will handle recruitment of participants, registration, notifications and set up requirements (tables, canopies, chairs, water, attire requirements, etc.). The activity leader needs only to show up on Saturday morning at the predetermined time, welcome participants and begin the activity. Activities would generally run one to two hours in length.

Some activities would be presented only one Saturday morning, while others might be presented on several Saturday mornings. One week might cater to kids with another week to adults. 

All of this depends, of course, on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic. Converting a springtime program into a summer program is a possibility depending on safety protocols.

Interested? Contact Hap Pritchard at or call 503.880.4383.

Mt. Tabor Park Seeks Volunteers

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