April Art Alive

Shelly Fredenberg and Michele Sabatier are Sidestreet Arts’ featured artists for April. The show is up through May 2 and both artists are nature inspired – a perfect show for  this burgeoning spring! 

Fredenberg’s ceramic sculpture is bold and rooted in the clay tradition of utility and function. Her latest work explores fragility and strength, and implores growth and decay, action and reaction. The new pieces speak of the sea as in Tide Vessel (right), a smooth white circular bowl holds a teal green ocean inside. Prickly urchin-like spikes poke up along the edges as a living tide pool. 

Michele Sabatier painting

Sabatier’s memories of natural landscapes guide her art with vivid recollections of places, people, time and history. Her encaustic paintings are made with pigmented beeswax, juxtaposing the dark power of nature with bright billowing clouds. 

The monthly online Artist Talk is Sunday, April 11, Noon-1 pm and both artists talk from their art studios. Find out what they do and how they do it. The Zoom meeting ID and password are at their website, sidestreetarts.com. Gallery hours are Thursday-Sunday, Noon-5 pm.  

Sidestreet Arts is at 140 SE 28th Ave. 503.327.8064 

Photo of Shelly Fredenberg’s tide vessel

April Art Alive

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