Catherine Lee’s “Remote Together”

Oboist and renowned improviser Catherine Lee releases her second album, Remote Together, this month. On this recording, Lee’s pure, clear oboe sound is recorded so well, the breath is a main instrument, transporting the listener to the outside world of musical counterpoint, birds, wind and wingsound. 

It’s a compelling evolutionary journey of spacious deep beauty – explorative, moving and cathartic. The sonics of the oboe, oboe d’amore and English horn are integrated with field recordings, manipulated sounds and electronics – all featuring Lee, whose tone, timbre and melodic inventions are impeccable in this graceful listening journey. 

“Through the album, we move through moments of stillness and moments of activity, periods of disconnection juxtaposed with times of deep connection, from a dreamlike orientation to a fresh space,” she said. “The sound worlds contained are somehow very micro and macro at the same time, similar to the way in which the pandemic has shaped our culture and realities. Forever changed, we experience new orientations to the world around us.” 

Lee has appeared with the Oregon Symphony, Oregon Ballet Theatre Orchestra, Portland Opera Orchestra and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. 

The album release and premiere for Remote Together is Friday May 21, 5 pm, streaming from the Extradition Series YouTube page at, free and hosted by The Creative Music Guild. It will be moderated by radio host Robert McBride with Catherine Lee herself. See for more of her work.

Image: “Remote Together” cover

Catherine Lee’s “Remote Together”

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