La Bici

Teatro Milagro announces La Bici, an episodic video play series focusing on bike safety as it relates to technology, community, infrastructure, accessibility, environmentalism, art, camping, road tripping, altars and ghost bikes. 

Togetherness and freedom links the individual episodes, along with one bike – La Bici – an old City Bike that will be repurposed, reimagined and reused along the way. Each episode carries the same themes and central character, but will all be independent, stand-alone stories, poems or songs. 

La Bici will be filmed on the streets of Portland and utilize local bike businesses and Milagro is planning a series of themed bike rides to further the development of the project through the spring months. 

Adhering to COVID safety measures, the first group bike ride will be Sunday, May 9 for Mother’s Day; a short ride through routes like the new East Side Green Loop to visit local businesses and to learn how their business relates to bicycles and bike safety. 

Interested in being a part of this project? Milagro is accepting stories, poems, drawings and songs around the idea of La Bici; good stories that can be performed in any number of mediums. Compensation of $25 will go to selected stories. Submit video ideas to by April 9. Selected applicants will be announced April 30.

La Bici

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