Help Build Esperanza’s Artist Sanctuary

Portland’s own innovative bassist, four time Grammy-winning jazz and R&B musician extrordinaire, Esperanza Spalding, has launched a GoFundMe to build the Prismid Sanctuary here in the city where she grew up in. She is attempting to raise $300,000 for it by June 3.

“My intention and prayer with building this sanctuary is to support the creation of restorative art, in a truly restorative environment. The BIPOC artist Sanctuary I am building in North Portland, will be comprised of a half-acre organic garden, two garden-studios for short-term artist residency, BIPOC eco-poetics reading room, a tea-bar and recording studio. 

“This Sanctuary will serve as a long-term artist residency and studio for the development, creation and archive of my own interdisciplinary restoration-themed music projects. 

“The environment most conducive to my wellness and creative productivity is one where other frontline cultural-workers are supported and immersed in their own artistic devotions. Hence, my intention for this Sanctuary to serve a very real need among my community for BIPOC artist-led spaces to gather, share ideas and practice regenerative gardening.”

See the presentation with pictures at The GoFundMe page is at

Photo of Esperanza Spalding by Aaron Gilbert MediaPunch/IPX/AP

Help Build Esperanza’s Artist Sanctuary

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